Thoroughbred Rescues


Sadly, the thoroughbred and quarter horse racing industry are the largest “throwaway” groups of the entire horse industry. Thousands of thoroughbred and quarterhorse foals are born every year in the hopes that a few may have a great money winning career on the track. Horses are raced at the very early age of 2 years of age, and many are finished during and after that first year. They will be injured on the track or just not fast enough. 90% of them will be discarded, most sent to slaughter. Some racehorses remain in training successfully for a few more years. Some are gracefully retired, mares used as broodmares, some are given a second chance at another career if they are not badly injured. To save retired racehorses from a dreadful fate, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation was founded in 1982. They have been rescuing racehorses like Banker’s Jet, Corregio and Northern Steam, providing a sanctuary for them at one of their many farms, to live out their days. Banker’s Jet, winner of the 1987 A Phenomenon Stakes at Saratoga and 27 other races, was rescued by TRF after being discovered near death on the grounds of a riding stable in upstate New York. His will to live and his recovery surprised many, and he lived out his days on the Connecticut farm of TRF Treasurer, Ray Roy. Sadly at the ripe old age of 25 he had to be euthanized in July 07, as he was unable to walk, crippled with arthritis, a result of his racing days. Read his story and others: Click Here

TRF has a unique agreement with Correctional facilities. TRF has located farms at Blackburn Correctional Facility in Kentucky, the Marion County Correctional facility in Florida and the Charles H. Hickey School for young offenders in Maryland. The inmates work with the horses, helping with caring and training. Visit the farms and correctional facilities at Donate and help give more thoroughbreds a second chance at life.

United Pegasus Foundation of California provides California thoroughbreds with a chance at a second career or a humane and deserved retirement. Founded in 1994, the UPF has grown to become one of the largest TB retirement organizations and includes two well equipped farms with a carrying capacity of more than 100 horses. Frosty Acres in Hemet, and Tehachapi Ranch 1 hour north of Los Angeles. Tehachapi hosts 60 retired TBs, but also has PMU mare and foals. UPF has and does rescue racehorses from slaughter, and also has been given horses to retire gracefully by caring owners.

Among the horses at UPF

Time to Pass

are 20 year old Fortyniner Days who raced 45 times and earned over $1m. Music Merci who also won over $1m, and Cardmania, who won the Breeder’s cup and $1.5m.

Time to Pass, whose earnings were $539,410, needs a sponsor.
Time to Pass is a thoroughbred gelding born in 1988 and raced 72 times. He was rescued in Dec 1999 while still racing. He sustained a suspensory and ankle injury. He now resides at United Pegasus.

Straight To Bed, whose earnings were $468,970.00, needs a sponsor.

This is Jonathon's Oaks, a gelding born 1995. He raced 22 times and won $56,000. He was donated to United Pegasus in 2000. Due to damage knee cartilage, this horse cannot be adopted out, so he will spend the rest of his days at United Pegasus Foundation.

This is Funny, a racing Quarter horse. Born 1996 this gelding was raced then used as a pony horse for the TB track. He has badly bowed tendons in his front legs and will spend the rest of his days at United Pegasus Foundation.


Exceller was a famous racehorse.

  • In 1978 Exceller defeated Seattle Slew and Affirmed, in the Jockey Club Gold Cup.
  • In 1978 he won 7 stakes races including the Jockey Club Gold Cup, Hollywood Gold Cup and Sunset Handicap.
  • In 1997 he was nominated to Racing’s Hall of Fame.
  • In 1997 Exceller died in a Swedish slaughterhouse.
Exceller Fund was created in memory of Exceller to provide funding for the purchase, care, retirement and adoption of Thoroughbreds that might otherwise meet the same fate

Ferdinand, 1986 Kentucky derby winner and 1987 Horse of the Year died in a slaughterhouse in Japan.
Monetary Justice, grandson of Secretariat was saved from slaughter for $300.


Priscilla Clark has over 100 rescued thoroughbreds. This year she took in a number of pregnant thoroughbred mares, that were dumped at local low end auctions. She also took in Your Way High Way, rescued by SHI at Mike's auction.




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