Equine Facilitated Growth, Development & Healing

Saving Horses, Inc., is now home to an equine Facilitated growth development and healing program. Conducted by Tufia Steidle PhD (Psychotherapy) Tufia is a graduate of EAGALA.

Her Equine Assisted Therapy Program enables healing from trauma (PTSD), addiction, social/emotional disorders by interaction with the horses on the ground. They are not mounted sessions.

Since 2017, SHI has been able to provide Equine Assisted Therapy to Young Women survivors from Human Trafficking. The program is funded each year by Country Friends, Rancho Santa Fe. SHI has teamed up with “Generate Hope”, an organization which provides rehabilitation and a future in society for these young women.

SHI has partnered with Community Interface Services, a state and federally funded program for young adults with special needs. SHI is a “work site” for these individuals. Small groups come each morning to assist with the day to day chores of running the rescue/sanctuary. They interact and connect with the horses, by grooming and hand walking. This calming environment is most therapeutic for these individuals, while giving them a sense of being needed and a sense of accomplishment. They soon learn to follow directions and complete a task.

SHI welcomes members of our Military, active duty or retired. We also welcome First Responders. Volunteering at the ranch is an excellent way to unwind, easing daily stress, anxiety , PTSD, created by the job they do protecting and serving us.

Sadly bullying in the school environment is prevalent today. Children of all ages are being subjected to this. We offer volunteer opportunities for at risk children. Again this environment is very therapeutic for them.



"Working with Susan and the horses has been profoundly transformative for me. I am learning about subconscious relational patterns that have held me back for decades. Sessions with Susan touch into deep places in the heart and soul I haven't been able to access in any other way, despite exposure to many non-traditional healing arts. Something about the horses ignites the psyche and gently guides it to a place of restoration and wholeness. Eponaquest gives me hope that new narratives of intimacy and healing are not only possible for me; they are already writing themselves."

Lisa P.